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Mission and Vision

Core Values, Vision, Mission, and Learner Outcomes


Core Values

Core Values represent the fundamental beliefs of Central High School/Tri-C. They are the guiding principles that direct our behavior and action. Core Values help us to know if we are fulfilling our promise as a community of learners and guide our understanding of the school’s mission and vision.

The Core Values of Central High/Tri-C are:
Equity – We recognize that educational excellence requires a commitment to equity. Students bring a wide range of assets, abilities, backgrounds, and needs to their educational experience. Central High/Tri-C has an obligation to provide all students with the access and opportunities necessary for college, career, and life success.
Student Success – Given access, opportunity, and support, every student can succeed. Each student must set individualized goals and have a learning plan to reach these goals. This is done in collaboration with school, community, and home.
Environment – Students need a safe, welcoming learning environment with an excellent and caring staff who support genuine academic discourse.
Innovation – Central High/Tri-C is designed to support academic and personal growth for students who have been unsuccessful in a conventional school setting.
Rigor - Central High/Tri-C teachers address classroom academic needs through engaging, relevant, direct instruction. We work to foster student depth of knowledge and higher-order thinking skills.
Collaboration – Shared decision-making at Central High/Tri-C encourages innovation and a commitment to common goals. Similarly, professional development supports ongoing teacher growth in curriculum, instruction, and assessment.


In partnership with school, home, and community, Central High School/Tri-C students will develop the skills and habits of healthy, self-motivated, productive, lifelong learners. A Central High/Tri-C graduate’s academic and interpersonal skills will benefit them throughout their lives and contribute to the greater community.
We will offer students:
● A relevant, student-centered academic program using research-based instruction;
● Dedicated and highly qualified personnel who are uniquely suited and trained to address the demands of our continuation school environment;
● Collaboration between students, parents, faculty, community partners, resource providers, counselors, classified staff, and administrators; and
● Alignment of our curriculum and instruction to meet individual student needs, while
incorporating state learning standards.


Central High School/Tri-C is a multi-site, district-wide dropout prevention and credit recovery school. We provide culturally relevant, engaging, student-centered, standards-based instruction that fosters college and career readiness. Our mission is to promote educational and social equity throughout our school; to support foundational skill-building while providing grade-level instruction; to facilitate intellectual and social growth; to rekindle the joy and love of learning; to communicate and collaborate, encouraging dialogue among our constituencies; to nurture social and emotional wellness; to provide a safe, accepting, and supportive setting so that students have the opportunity to creatively explore and clarify their own beliefs and values; to take acceptable academic risks without judgment; and to think and speak for themselves.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

Central High School/Tri-C graduates will be college and career ready. They will:
▪ Know how to weigh ideas, evaluate, analyze, and reach conclusions;
▪ Frame their own thoughts with evidence and examples;
▪ Extend their own thinking and that of others;
▪ Know how to think independently, while working collaboratively;
▪ Be aware of personal strengths, challenges, lifestyle requirements, career interests, and
have realistic job goals and expectations;
▪ Contribute to the economic, social, and political well-being of their community;
▪ Persevere and persist in the face of adversity, challenge, and change.